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Care in your own home is often referred to as either domiciliary or home care. The range of care available is varied and each client should be involved , and agree with the care provider, a care plan, which states their needs and the expected outcomes.

Low level domiciliary care: This may be to assist with household chores such as shopping, cleaning and assistance with food prep.

Medium level domiciliary care: In addition to low level care will normally involve personal care.

High level care: This involves visits by two or more carers who assist clients with high dependency needs such as being transfered from a bed to chair etc

Live-in care: A carer lives in the client's home and is allowed time off each day and must have a night's sleep.

24 hour care: This is required when the client needs assistance or monitoring through the day and night; it differs from live-in care in that the carers work on a roster to ensure that a carer is on duty and awake both day and night.

Welcome Home Scheme:  The Welcome Home scheme ensures that low level home care support is made available for up to 6 weeks for those discharged from hospital. We have introduced this scheme so that our customers benefit financially with a one off payment.

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