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Mrs Hayne, an 80 year old grandmother and retired company director was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease and was increasingly finding it difficult to maintain her lifestyle and manage her finincial arrangements. She is unable to walk unaided and constantly forgets to take medication to help manage her Parkinson's condition. She has also started to develop Dementia which is making her confused and there has been reports from neighbours that she has been found wandering during the day in her pyjamas and in need of reassurance. Her daughter lives outside of Northampton was visiting incereased number of times every week and was becoming distressed as she has 3 children of her own to look after. Mrs Hayne had made it pretty clear that she did not wish to go in a nursing home. She wanted to be in the house she had bought with her husband who had now passed away because she had fond memories. Her daughter respected her wishes and did her best to support her mother but she quickly realised that as her mother's condition worsened, she would need extra help.


Jane, Mrs Hayne's daughter seeked advice from her local authority. They visited her mother's home..and conducted a needs assessment. Unfortunately Mrs Hayne had savings of more than £23,000 so she had to privately fund for her care services. Mrs Hayne was perfectly happy with this arrangement because she wanted quality service with value for money. Jane rang our company and we went out to visit the pair within 24 hours. We conducted a health assessment with one of our Registered Nurses and adviced them that she needed 24 hour live- in care as Mrs Hayne couldnt do anything for herself. Her communication was limited to gestures and signs and she was becoming malnourished as she wasn't eating well due to the lack of an adequate swallowing reflex brought upon by her Parkinsons. We completed a person centered care plan for Mrs Hayne which is reviewed every 3 months. We also provided her with a committed and caring female live-in carer who was competent and trained in Parkinson Awareness. She has been with the carer now for almost 12 months and when the carer goes on a break we provide respite for her . Mrs Hayne is now leading a dignified life with her carer with mutual respect and admiration. As for Jane..she visits her mother once a week to see how she is doing, her grandchildren visit once a month and she is regularly invited to family celebrations which she attends with her main live-in carer. Home Care was obviously the best choice in Mrs Hayne's case and we are glad she knows she is safe and taken off.