Total health care services

Total health care

Seniors are spending up to three times higher than those who are autonomous, in particular because of nursing, physiotherapy and some medical devices. There are many senior lifestyle corporation that try to provide total assistance that will help seniors (65 years and older) to stay healthy, to live at home longer and receive the care they need, when and where they need.

Senior citizen housing

If you are still valid and autonomous but you want to break isolation, have a secure living environment, have access to a smaller apartment, get help promptly or enjoy daily activities, several types of structures can match your needs. Senior housing is an initiative that allow older people to live better with respect for their dignity and their aspirations. It is a dynamic approach that allows everyone to preserve self-esteem and have a role to play in local life, whatever their age!

Home care assistance

Maybe your parents need total health care while you are at work, home care assistance provide a continous professional care services to live a gracefully life. With senior home assistance services, our elderly adults can continue to live independently in their own house with a lot of services such as : Mobility, Meal Preparation. Transportation, Medication Reminders...

Senior lifestyle corporation

Between 2005 and 2020, population continues to age: one to four people will be over 60 years in 2020. The dependent population will grow too, when dependence occurs, the question to stay at home or to enter an institution arises. Senior lifestyle corporation facilitate certain activities of daily life and enable elderly to continue live independently at home, in safe and secure environment.

Family medical center

Family medical center assist patients with comprehensive quality medical caring in safe environment. Most of medical center are a passionate team. They are trained to deliver the kind of high quality life for our seniors. The services include adult, pediatric, geriatric and obstetric care. The center team provide a real senior citizen housing and medical assistance for everyone, including community members who might otherwise go without health care.

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